Monday, September 10, 2007

Psalter Shape is Open!

Welcome to Psalter Shape. Psalter Shape is for the Letting the Psalms Shape our Lives Adult Sunday School Class at Providence Church. I'm planning to post relevant material from the class, and provide links to books & articles, and other helpful resources dealing with the Psalms. I'll leave comments on and we'll see if that's fruitful.

Depending on how much technological proficiency I can attain, I may post mp3's of classes, etc. We'll see ;-)


Chris said...

Testing comments...

Lori Shaffer said...

Great idea, Pastor Smith. I tried out the tunes page and it worked really well. I was able to sing through one of the Psalms I hadn't heard before.

We won't be here next Sunday, so if you can make your MP3 idea work, we'll be happy!

Chris said...


I'll hopefully be trying to upload the audio for last week's class before Sunday. And I plan to record this week's class as well.

I'll try to remember to e-mail you when the audio has been uploaded.

Have a great time in CA. Tell Steve I was JOKING about the wine!

Sam Murrell said...

Chris, what a good idea to create a website focused on the Psalms. This past year I have found that the Psalms have expanded my prayer vocabulary. The more I read and pray the Psalms the deeper my understanding of God and higher my view of worship. I look forward to seeing what you discover.